LPO Advantage


Most firms and corporations outsource primarily to save cash, and this is considered the biggest advantage for legal outsourcing. While an attorney in major legal markets such as the US may charge from $150–350 dollars/hour when performing rote services, legal process outsourcing firms can often charge a fraction of this. It has attracted major corporations to outsource specific work outside their legal departments.

In Gurgaon and Bangalore, India the industry has benefited from the Global Financial Crisis, due to the increasing number of litigations and bankruptcies.

Teams of Indian lawyers like Law Offices of RKNA have achieved notable success providing legal research and drafting services in diversified legal matters.

As reported in the ABA Journal, “The market for outsourced legal work is booming in India. While lawyers there are doing a lot of routine work, they are also handling some interesting legal matters, including work for the makers of movies and television shows.”

As noted in USA Today, “You could call it ‘Outsourcing 2.0’ or maybe even ‘3.0.’ Now firms are increasingly trying to leverage expertise,” says Saikat Chaudhuri, an assistant professor in the business school at the University of Pennsylvania. Legal Outsourcing is “growing very, very quickly.”

INDIA Advantage:

India has become one of the most popular destinations for companies wanting to outsource legal work. This is so because there are certain very obvious advantages like availability of English speaking, US and UK graduated, qualified lawyers working at less expensive rates. Besides the Indian legal system is based on English common law, much like the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Indian legal professionals seems to be the most suitable ones due to their legal education system.