Become an Immigrant Investor by applying through the Immigrant Investor Program. Potential candidates can obtain Canadian Permanent Residency by satisfying certain requirements, including:

  • Individuals must have a minimum net worth of $1,600,000 CDN
  • An amount of $800,000 CDN must be invested in the Canadian economy for a period of five years
  • A minimum of two years of business or management experience out of the past five years is mandatory
  • Pass a medical and security examination

How our program works
To apply for Canadian Immigrant status through our program:

  • Contact us to know about RKNA marketed Immigrant Investor Program
  • Sign Deposit and Investment Agreement detailing each party’s responsibilities
  • Provide all the required documents
  • Submit an Immigration Application to the appropriate immigration authorities
  • Transfer the balance of funds within the required period of time after receiving notification from the Immigration Authorities

Your capital
With the RKNA marketed Canada Immigrant Investor Program, all funds received are acknowledged to the appropriate parties, and clients receive regular account statements. As stipulated in the regulation, the amounts are fully invested on behalf of the investor for a specified period of time, after which the capital is reimbursed without interest.

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