Jun 032012

Green Card – Benefits & Advantages?

  1. A Green Card allows you to work for any company based in the USA (except for some companies that only hire U.S. citizens) and to gain access to a security clearance that only U.S. citizens and Green Card holders can obtain.
  2. A Green Card also grants you permission to start your own business and to create your own corporation.
  3. In some states a Green Card or US citizenship is required in order to obtain professional licenses (such as real estate agent, insurance agent, etc).
  4. A Green-Card holder gets easy access to Financial Institutions and can apply for loans at very competitive rates as compared to what is offered in developing countries.


Additional benefits:


  1. Access to all legal rights under US law, except for the right to vote, which is available only for US citizens.
  2. Family Immigration
  3. Permission to sponsor spouse and unmarried children (under 21) to obtain permanent status. In the event a primary green card holder passes away or loses his/her job, family green cards will be retained.


  1. Green card holders pay “in-state” (or “resident”) tuition at state colleges and universities. This usually is 50% to 80% less than what non-residents/international students pay.
  2. Green card holders can also apply for a government-sponsored financial aid for education.
  3. Green-Card holders, while studying, can also work for any company in USA or start their own business; which someone  on a Student visa cannot. No working hours limit is enforced.

Home Ownership

In some cases it may be easier to get a mortgage for home purchase. Individuals who do not hold a green card may be charged higher rates for mortgages.

Retirement Benefits

Green card holders who have worked for 10 years before retiring receive Social Security benefits when they retire.


Green card holders are eligible to apply for US citizenship in only 5 years. After 5 years a person can keep his green card forever, in case they don’t want to obtain US citizenship.

and much more….